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In nature, every organism has the power to heal itself. However, if you or your child are still ill, and the drugs do not work or bring only a short-term improvement, then the sign that the overall immunity of the body has been reduced. You can focus on strengthening it, instead of fighting symptoms with more drugs. I want to help you, and then your family will be free from recurring diseases once and for all and you will finally make your dreams come true, instead of wasting time and money on healing diseases.


How do you harm your child?

Concentration on symptoms
With fever, most parents are looking for a fever syrup, with a cough cough. We do not think about the main cause of the disease. We fight the symptoms with the help of drugs and we think that the matter is settled. Often you can not see how much the body is weakened with the naked eye, because it seems to us that if the child is not coughing it is healthy. And after a week or two, the symptoms come back and again the parents deal with combating them. It is not the fault of the parents, but the lack of education and erroneous marketing message, which we are flooded with on radio and television. Which leads to the next point …


Faith in dietary supplements
Ads have accustomed us to thinking that any health problem can be quickly solved with one tablet. The market of dietary supplements is growing very fast, in 2018 it was worth EUR 3 million (15 million packages were sold!).

Manufacturers are introducing new products to the market every now and then, extending the assortment for children and also for animals. Such a rapid development of the market is possible because these supplements are not subject to any tests, and their effectiveness is not proven. Effective marketing, however, works wonders.


Belief in the magical power of difficult words
Take, for example, one of the syrups for immunity, composition: beta-glucan and vitamin C. Sounds convincing enough? But reading further, we can learn that beta-glucan is a substance naturally found in food (mushrooms, cereals, yeast) and in the case of this syrup extracted from oyster mushrooms.

Is it worth buying a syrup by also adding sugar (here in the form of fructose) and preservatives (benzoate-sodium). By giving this syrup instead of strengthening immunity, we expose the already weakened body to the fight against another dangerous substance. Sodium benzoate can even cause cancer. Is it better to eat oyster mushrooms?


Even worse than using supplements is reaching for antibiotics in a situation that does not require it (and most respiratory diseases are viral diseases that should not be treated with antibiotics).

Antibiotics greatly weaken immunity, because they destroy the natural intestinal flora that protects us. But how can a parent know that if the doctor does not talk to him about natural ways to strengthen immunity, but only prescribes more recipes. I know how it is, for many years that’s what my conversations with doctors looked like when our daughter was ill.


Time to change it! How to strengthen the child’s resistance?

Instead of focusing on symptoms, take care of the proper functioning of the body, but not only at the moment of illness, but always, every day! Keep this in mind when making everyday decisions, mainly dietary ones, because what we eat has the greatest impact on our health, but not only on nutrition.

First, change the diet of the child and the whole family, it should focus on vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.

Secondly, avoid drugs, the first infections may last longer, but thanks to this the body will be strengthened and will be less susceptible to further colds and flu.

Third, stay in move, in the sun, wind, rain, come instead of driving a car, run, dance. WHO recommends children 60 minutes of activity a day and adults at least 150 minutes a week.


How to nourish a child and the whole family?

This can not be explained in one sentence. I’ve been collecting my knowledge for 6 years and I’m learning something new all the time. For sure you will find here a lot of my ideas from life taken.

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