I would like to describe you my diet, describe to you what I have introduced into my diet and I have listed products that I do not eat. Today, however, I want to focus on important nutrients that are particularly valuable in the diet of a pregnant woman. In my text I will show these noteworthy ingredients along with a description of what products you can find them in. What is worth eating during pregnancy? I invite you to the entry!

Future mother’s diet – what is worth eating during pregnancy?

Beet juice and parsley – IRON + VITAMIN C


Beet juice and parsley

It is worth remembering that composing meals is preferably combined products containing high doses of iron with those containing vitamin C. Why? Thanks to vitamin C, iron is better absorbed. You can find more information about this beneficial combination of vitamin C and iron on internet. Beets can greatly enrich the diet of the future mother just because they contain not only iron, but also vitamin C. A great drink in pregnancy will be freshly squeezed juice from raw beets – they are rich in iron, vitamin C and folic acid .


Where else can you find iron? A lot of this ingredient can be found in plant products such as: pumpkin seeds, nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts), lentils, soybeans, beans, peas, chickpeas, millet, buckwheat, barley, dark chocolate, cocoa, linseed, sunflower, whole grains, sesame, tofu, quinoa, oatmeal.


Avocados, walnuts, linseed oil – OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS (DHA)



The recommendations of the Institute of Food and Nutrition say that pregnant women who do not consume enough fatty fish (2 portions per week) should take 600 grams of DHA daily from the first month of pregnancy. Due to the fact that I do not eat fish during pregnancy, apart from supplementation, I try to eat a lot of plant products rich in omega-3 acids every day. One of my favorite snacks during pregnancy are avocado sandwiches. I eat this nutritious fruit very often, because it contains good ingredients for me and my child, such as omega-3 fatty acids. I choose avocado variety Hass from Lidl in bio version, because it tastes delicious and I am sure that it is grown without using artificial fertilizers and pesticides. In my diet there are also walnuts, which most often go to my oats. I sometimes pour my flaxseed oil on my salads, so I also provide omega-3 with the help of salads.


Kale, spinach – FOLIC ACID


Green leafy vegetables are products that have the necessary folic acid in pregnancy. I love freshly squeezed green juices and cocktails with kale and spinach. I know that these two ingredients are a great part of my pregnancy diet. I supplemented folic acid before pregnancy.


Egg yolks, tomatoes – CHOLINA and FOLIC ACID

During pregnancy, I choose organic eggs – I want to be sure that they come from “happy” hens. Eggs in pregnancy are worth eating due to the high content of important ingredients such as vitamin A, D, folic acid and choline (this component can positively affect the development of the brain in the fetus). In turn, tomatoes are recommended for pregnant women not only because of the presence of choline, but also by folic acid. I eat tomatoes every day in summer – I especially love Polish raspberry tomatoes, which are juicy and aromatic. In the season, I recommend tomatoes from local suppliers, which thanks to shorter transport are exceptionally fresh. In the off-season, it is worth remembering the BIO varieties that come from certified crops.




Eggs, mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms – VITAMIN D

Throughout my pregnancy, I supplement vitamin D, because it is an extremely important component of the diet, not only for future mothers. Interestingly – taking pregnant women vitamin D promotes the development of stronger bones in children who are born in the winter – showed a study published in the journal “Lancet – Diabetes and Endocrinology” * source. In addition to supplementation, I also eat the previously mentioned eggs, as well as mushrooms, precisely because they contain this vitamin. It should be remembered, however, that only 50-80% of the amount of vitamin D delivered as a positive supplement depends on the presence of fatty acids and the state of our health.



The most important nutrients in the diet of a pregnant woman are undoubtedly folic acid, protein, vitamin D, iron, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. Even the most valuable supplement should be only an addition to a nutritional diet during pregnancy. I hope that this entry will motivate future mothers to reach for valuable products more often, which will have a positive impact on the health of her and her child.

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